The second cogito: “I think therefore I perceive.”

Rule of Organization: The act of the mind, using it’s tool of sensation in finding patterns that have enough in common to be put into a common grouping.

Identity: Defining oneself to the external world and subsuming it under the rules of organization and the progress of an encompassing history.

Essence of a grouping: The factors in which individual subjects or materials have enough in common to be defined.

Racial actualization of identity: When the subject discovers he is part of a greater whole that subsumes, precedes and defines his existence internally, externally and historically all at once.

The Absolute: (1) the common everyday world of things and embodied minds is not the world as it really is but merely as it appears in terms of uncriticized categories; (2) the best reflection of the world is not found in physical and mathematical categories but in terms of a self-conscious mind; and (3) thought is the relation of each particular experience with the infinite whole of which it is an expression, rather than the imposition of ready-made forms upon given material.


Indigenous religion: Organized religions that sprouts from the consciousness awareness of their identity group.

Men of Gods: Men of which whom subject themselves to the abstraction of themselves vis-à-vis established religion.

Tradition: The epoch of religious, priestly and abstraction based domination of time, of which precedes the completion of the cycle and succeeding the racial actualization of identity.

Identity cloud: The act of using your own identity against yourself.

The Cycle: Beginning with racial actualization of identity, followed by the traditions of the Men of Gods, and completed by the re-fulfillment of identity, saving it from abstraction and returning it back to the real world form and making it a subject of great history.

God on Earth: The bodily and worldly amalgamation of the entire essence of an identity and absolute via man.

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